How It Works

We will tailor our process to meet you, but this is what you can expect:


We meet to get comfortable with each other, build a warm relationship, and explain what to expect during the interview.


We consult with wider family and do background research on the interviewee’s life.  We create personalised, thoughtful questions for each interview to draw out your stories.


We have 1-3 interview sessions, depending which service you choose. The interview is usually done in your home. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous but afterwards people say how much they enjoyed it, and some people find it quite therapeutic.


Your audio or video recordings are professionally polished and delivered on a USB stick in a presentation box. You can get a full printed (or digital) transcription of the interview.


If you have chosen a photo and story book, you supply the photos for us to scan and prepare. We extract anecdotes and stories from your interview to include and put together in a beautiful presentation book. You will be consulted about what is included in the book and will have a proof copy to check before the finals are printed.

Still have questions?

A life history interview is the greatest gift you can give future generations.